Bernard Kippelen, Professor

Co-President of Institut Lafayette, Metz, France

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Current Kippelen Research Group Members:

Graduate Research Assistants








Oliver Moreno








Yi-Chien (Erik) Chang








Gunhee Kim








Jingwei Yang



Administrative Manager








Dana Foster


Visiting Scholars








Dr. Nini Rose Mathews, UNAM, Mexico


Former Group Members and Support Staff







Desta Davidson


Tina fullrez








Tina Moseley

Principal Research Scientist


Canek Fuentes-Hernandez, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellows









Dr. Silja Abraham, University of

Former PhD Graduates:


Victor gatech-2015-fullrez-2


Victor Rodriguez Toro









Youngrak Park

Felipe gatech-2015-fullrez-20

Felipe Larrain, PhD 2020

Xiaoqing gatech-2015-fullrez-12

Xiaoqing Zhang, PhD 2019

Xiaojia Jia









Xiaojia Jia, PhD 2019



Wen-Fang gatech-2015-fullrez-14

Weng-Fang Chou, PhD 2019

Vladimir gatech-2015-fullrez-16

Vladimir Kolesov, PhD 2017

Cheng-Yin gatech-2015-fullrez-8

Cheng-Yin Wang, PhD 2016

Currently employed at Intel, Oregon

Talha gatech-2015-fullrez-6

Talha Khan, PhD 2016

Currently employed at Intel, Oregon

Sangmoo gatech-2015-fullrez-4

Sangmoo Choi, PhD 2016

Currently employed at Samsung, Korea

Michael gatech-2015-fullrez-18

Michael Gaj, PhD 2016

Currently employed at Corning Inc.








Amir Dindar, PhD 2015, currently employed at Apple








Keith Knauer, PhD 2014, currently employed at Intel Corporation








Ehsan Najafabadi, PhD 2014, currently employed at Samsung Electronics








Jaewon Shiom, PhD 2014, Assistant Professor at Korea University








James Hsu, PhD 2013, Executive Assistant of Chairman at CHOININN MEDICAL CARE CO.,



William Potscavage, PhD 2010, curently at Kyushu University, Japan


Dan Owens, PhD 2010









Jungbae Kim, PhD 2010, currently at Applied Materials










“Serena” Xiaohong Zhang, currently with Raytheon, TX










Andreas Haldi, PhD 2008, currently with Cynora, Germany

Takeshi Kondo (co-advised with Seth Marder), Lintec Corporation, Japan








Joshua Haddock, PhD 2005, Currently with Magic Leap








Seunghyup Yoo, PhD 2005, Full Professor at KAIST, Daejeon, Korea

Gabriel Ramos Ortiz, PhD 2003








Jon Herlocker, PhD 2000, currently with BRO Tucson, AZ